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idetail3D detail radar towers as part of Australia's defence

idetail3D is currently working with idec solutions to detail nine (9) fixed base Air Traffic Control and Surveillance Towers at Defence sites around Australia.

Radars will be installed on towers between 12m and 25m tall at Oakey, Amberley, Townsville, Darwin, Tindal, Pearce, East Sale, Nowra and Williamtown. The Townsville and Darwin are to be fitted with radomes. The construction of these nine sites will span over 3 years.

These towers are the first to be procured outside Germany by Hendsolt (formally Airbus) and proudly the idec workshop are fabricating these towers from Australian steel. The quality of materials and fabrication that is required is first-rate.

The 25m tower for Tindal, NT is the first off the rank. idec have carried out a trial assembly of the top 3m tier of this tower to monitor buildability once we get to site. There are a few points during construction sequence that present challenges, for example lowering in the internal ‘Tower Environmental Enclosure’ with 10mm tolerance through the top of the tower. The trial assembly proved the quality of detailing and fabrication as this stage was carried out seamlessly.

As this is a design and construct project for idec, idetail3D are required to be flexible with design changes and attentive to transport and buildability issues.

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